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Heritage Photowalk - Bhuli Bhatiyari

Schedule 21 Jul, 2013 - 11:00 AM to 21 Jul, 2013 - 01:00 PM
21 Jul, 2013   11:00 AM-01:00 PM
Behind Bagga Link, Jhandewalan  [ Map]
1 Kms. of total walking
Nearest Metro: Jhandewalan (620 mts.)
Tripod Allowed
No Charges
Vikramjit Singh    9999039071
DHPC takes a quick round around the infamous Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal near the busy market of Karol Bagh and commercial complex of Jhandewalan. It is an irony that this so called haunted hunting lodge is right behind Delhi's biggest statue of Lord Hanuman (god who is known to scare away evil spirits and whose name is to be recited when something haunts you).

It is said that a saint named Bu Ali Bakhtiyari was residing in this 14th century Hunting Lodge build by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. After a period, the saint disappeared. Since then, the spooky and haunting stories started flooding in. Today, this monument is unguarded and despite of being at a walking distance of busy Delhi market, it is deserted and abandoned. In evening, police puts barricading to stop access to this monument (for security reasons). Only other thing that holds the fort is a small note written on gate which warns people from entering this place.

How to Reach

From Jhandewalan Metro Station, proceed towards Hanuman Statue. Take left and another immediate left. This road leads to Bagga Link Services (one of the oldest Bajaj Scooter Showroom in Delhi). Walk for half kilometer on this road and you'll end up at the venue.


They say its a haunted place. So arrive at your own risk ;)