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Hudawis Association for Devoted Islamic Activities (HADIA) is the organization of Hudawi scholars who have successfully graduated from  Darul Huda. The Alumni of Darul Huda is engaged in research, higher education, religious and secular teaching, Da'wa Activities, Mahallu empowerment and leadership.

HADIA has been keeping in track with Darul Huda to make a sensitive society in north India through education. Centre for Social Excellence (CSE) is the field that is ready to sow and harvest with practical and intellectual  support.

Based on Darul Huda Punganur, HADIA has extended its educational activities to the surrounding areas as well, the nearby villages of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, where educational backwardness is prevailing in the society. HADIA has come forward to set up moral schools in these areas so that the children there can learn the basics of Islam.

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