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Mission and Vision


  • To develop an Islamic educational framework in order to prepare religious scientists (‘Ulama) who acquire, practice and propagate Islam, being alert of their ultimate responsibilities towards Almighty Allah and towards themselves, family, institution, society, surroundings and private and public resources and to make them capable of competing the shifting trends of modern education.
  • To provide academic excellence of highest standards to develop new trends and ideas to keep with the modernization of knowledge.
  • To offer the students evidence-based academic tools of wisdom to produce better material to build up the confidence of self reliant by which they can meet the academic challenges and find happiness through achievements.




DHIU aims to be the bastion of expertise in Islamic education that they can restore the dynamic role and educational superiority of past Muslim society in all intellectual programs and that seeks to rekindle the spirit of scholarship in Islamic sciences in the era of ever- changing society due to the innovative growth of modern sciences. Its vision also includes Islamization of knowledge and setting up of international research centers of educational excellence in various Islamic disciplines for the development of Muslim community in learning, teaching and research of highest standards and keeping intellectual tradition alive. It also aims to be an exemplary institution which can to mould up a bunch of such religious scientists (Ulamas) who are the virtu al heirs of the holy prophet Muhammed (pbuh).


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