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Welcome to Darul Huda Punganur

Darul Huda Islamic University (DHIU) provides an academic meeting point between Islamic educational and modern forms of knowledge. Through rigorous, continuous training and good scholarship, it aims at better understanding of Islam, its culture and civilization. It is committed to educate and prepare capable, professional, intellectual, spiritual Islamic scholars who are grounded in Islamic scholarly tradition and conversant to the modern critical ideas and cultural currents which shape the human understanding of the world. 

Darul Huda Punganur is the first off campus of Darul Huda Islamic University established outside Kerala. Darul Huda Alumni (HADIA) took the initiations for setting up the  Andhra Campus, and the institution was founded on 20th August 2007 and started class on10 June 2009 named as Manhajul Huda Islamic College (MHIC) at Punganur in Chitoor district of Andhra Pradesh, later it was renamed as Darul Huda Pungnaur in accordance with name of mother institution. Campus locates 562 km far from Hyderabad city and 550km away from its Kerala Campus.

Darul Huda Punganur caters to the students of Andhra Pradesh, with the teaching of Telugu language and literature along with English, Arabic and Urdu languages. Now Darul Huda Punganur opened its doors for National Students, too, for the welfare of deprived students from the both religious and material sciences

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