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Darul Huda Punganur celebrated 76th Independence Day of India

Darul Huda Punganur celebrated 76th  Independence Day of India. Punganur Circle Inspector Mamilla Gangireddy sir inaugurated the celebrations and conveyed the freedom message. He said that ‘This nation is result of sweat of our forefathers, we have to be competent in this world and to be in higher levels of national administration, you, the students are future of this nation, and I am sure you can achieve it’.  Honourable Haji Shawali Sahib hoisted the national flag. Parade saluting the national flag and guests organized by the students were the eye catching moments. The event which was mind thrilling in the background melody of ‘Sare Jahn se Acha Hindusitan hamara’ of great Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Arshad Shawali, Sayeed Nadwi, Shaikh Masoom Basha Hudawi, Shaikh Ali Ahmad Hudawi and other dignitaries attended the function.
“Insha Allah, I aspire that a bunch  of highly talented scholars coming out of  this institution; a group quintessentially  grown up under and groomed by the strict  directives of Islam; the sheer favour of  Allah the Almighty mould flow out of their  veins; with sterling behavior, eloquence  and writing ingenuity, they would capture  the hearts of society. A day will come,  when the medows of this institution would  be crowned with white skinned Europeans,  dark skinned Africans and blonde haired  Americans who flock to this citadel of  knowledge to imbibe its pleasures and  sweetness.” Dr. U. Bapputty Haji ( Founder, Darul Huda)
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