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Academic Conference Concludes with In-depth Exploration of "History of India: Role and Relevance of Muslims"

Academic Conference on the theme “History of India: Role and Relevance of Muslims" concluded on June 20, 2023 at Darul Huda Punganur Campus. The conference brought together prominent scholars, researchers, and students from various disciplines to delve into the rich historical contributions and significance of the Muslim community in India. The One Day event, organized by the DHPC Academic office in association with students union - SAFA, aimed to shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of India's past and explore the profound impact Muslims have had on the nation's culture, politics, and society throughout the ages. The conference also addressed contemporary issues, with sessions focusing on the challenges faced by the Muslim community in modern India. Scholars emphasized the importance of acknowledging and learning from historical experiences to foster mutual understanding and social cohesion. The Conference was inaugurated by the renowned historian, Dr. Moyin Hudaw

Darul Huda Punganur celebrated 76th Independence Day of India

Darul Huda Punganur celebrated 76th  Independence Day of India. Punganur Circle Inspector Mamilla Gangireddy sir inaugurated the celebrations and conveyed the freedom message. He said that ‘This nation is result of sweat of our forefathers, we have to be competent in this world and to be in higher levels of national administration, you, the students are future of this nation, and I am sure you can achieve it’.  Honourable Haji Shawali Sahib hoisted the national flag. Parade saluting the national flag and guests organized by the students were the eye catching moments. The event which was mind thrilling in the background melody of ‘Sare Jahn se Acha Hindusitan hamara’ of great Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Arshad Shawali, Sayeed Nadwi, Shaikh Masoom Basha Hudawi, Shaikh Ali Ahmad Hudawi and other dignitaries attended the function.

Foundation stone laid for HADIA regional center

Foundation stone for HADIA Regional Office and Masjid cum Maktab laid down today at Piduguralla of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

Combatica'22, Darul Huda Punganur Sportival

  Combatica'22, Darul Huda Punganur Sportival brought to an end with award ceremony. Team Arctic emerged victorious putting their themselves on the cusp of glory while Atlantic and Pacific bagged second and third postions respectively in the tripartite struggle. Arbaz Khan got it made by positioning himself as campus topper in individual programs. He, Tasir Hussain and Ifthikhar Alam won the topper medals in senior, junior and sub-junior sections respectively. Imran Hudawi, the chief organizer of program said that the committee was able to run the program more systematic and perfect manner than they have projected themselves. He added that reviews and feedbacks have been being collected from students for achieving perfection in coming editions and documenting guidelines for physical education policy.

HADIA Andhra Pradesh Chapter formed

  Punganur: Darul Huda Alumni HADIA Andhra Pradesh chapter formation meeting was held at Darul Huda Punganur. HADIA representative Suhail Hudawi Vilayil and Raheem Hudawi Shornur attended the function.  HADIA Andhra Pradesh Chapter Committee President: Ali Ahmad Hudawi Punganur Vice President: Shafi Hudawi Guntur  General Secretary: P Imran Khan Hudawi Madanapalle  Program Secretary: Maqbool Hudawi Kurnool Finance Secretary: Mahboob Hussain Hudawi Kurnool All the wishes for the newly selected team

Meet with wellwishers

  Alhamdulillah, under HADIA Andhra Chapter a four members of team in the leadership of Abidullah Hudawi, is heading towards Chittoor Zone in order to forge the indestructible bond and connection, and rejuvenate a novel enthusiastic energy with our former students of DHPC. This is the first and foremost initiative of HADIA Andhra Chapter with the pure intention of bringing an educational and a spiritual transformation in the concerned state.

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