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Academic Conference Concludes with In-depth Exploration of "History of India: Role and Relevance of Muslims"

Academic Conference on the theme “History of India: Role and Relevance of Muslims" concluded on June 20, 2023 at Darul Huda Punganur Campus. The conference brought together prominent scholars, researchers, and students from various disciplines to delve into the rich historical contributions and significance of the Muslim community in India.

The One Day event, organized by the DHPC Academic office in association with students union - SAFA, aimed to shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of India's past and explore the profound impact Muslims have had on the nation's culture, politics, and society throughout the ages.

The conference also addressed contemporary issues, with sessions focusing on the challenges faced by the Muslim community in modern India. Scholars emphasized the importance of acknowledging and learning from historical experiences to foster mutual understanding and social cohesion.

The Conference was inaugurated by the renowned historian, Dr. Moyin Hudawi Malayamma, who highlighted the significance of academic research in shaping our understanding of history and society. In his address, Dr. Moyin Hudawi Malayamma emphasized the need for interdisciplinary research and collaboration among researchers from diverse backgrounds. He captivated the audience with his presentation on the intellectual and cultural contributions of Muslim scholars  and rulers, and he lightened toward the gaps in the research field The conference was introduced by Dr. Rafeeque Hudawi Pookolathur, who highlighted the importance of the conference in promoting academic research and discussion. The session was chaired by Ahmad Sharafuddin Hudawi. He lightened toward the contributions of Ulama and rulers toward the formation of the prestigious Indian culture, he also appreciated the organizing committee for their efforts in making the conference a success.

The conference started with a welcome speech by Shuaib Hudawi, who emphasized the importance of academic conferences in promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration among researchers.

The conference was concluded by the closing remarks of Anas Hudawi, who expressed his appreciation to the organizers, presenters, and participants for their contributions to the conference. 

Closing remarks by the Academic Conference

India is a land of diversity, where different kind of people are living together. In the formation of current status of social equilibrium and harmony, Muslims in India have tremendous contributions. Sufi scholars and rulers were capable of moulding a harmonious and casteless atmosphere in India. The Contributions of Muslims in the nation building has to be disseminated widely to enhance the social relations and communal harmony. The wave created by Aligarh and other movements have to be reintroduced according to the need of hour to solve the issue of underrepresentation.  

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